Woman accused of hidincustom rubber band braceletsg son and making false missing person report

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Police found the boy, 11, at 10:48 pm on Tuesday and confirmed his health and safety. [Photo/Xinhua]

Police on Wednesday detained a woman who is accused of spreading false information and wasting police time. It is alleged the woman, from Yueqing in Zhejiang province, hid her son and made a false missing-person report on Friday.

Police said in a statement that the 33-year-old woman is going through marital difficulties, and she made the report in an effort to see whether her husband, who is travelling for business, cared for his family.

The father believed his wife"s claim and posted on social media on Friday, saying he would give a reward of 500,000 yuan ($72,800) for anyone who could find his son.

The boy"s mother, surnamed Chen, made her report on Friday at 7:13 pm on Friday, saying that her son, surnamed Huang, got lost on his way home from school. Police then began their investigation, according to their statement.

The statement continued that significant police time and resources were devoted to the search, and that many people contributed to effort.

Police found the boy, 11, at 10:48 pm on Tuesday and confirmed his health and safety. Following an investigation, they say his mother fabricated the missing-person report.

At approximately 6 pm on Friday, Chen met her son after school and asked him to hide in a four-wheel battery car she had prepared with some food. She then called police and asked for help on social media.

Netizens in the city shared the notice and joined the search. Chen moved the vehicle several times before it was found by police, according to their statement.

Police said in the statement that the woman"s behavior betrayed the faith and conscience of society, wasted social resources and disturbed social order.

"Children are innocent and pure. Families and society should create a good environment for their healthy growth, instead of harming them because of one"s own willfulness, and creating, believing or spreading rumor," it said.

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